What’s life without some travel? After all, “To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye

The beauty of nature can not be expressed through words. Perhaps that’s why I am not sure if I can put in a few paragraphs, where breathes the beauty of Ladakh.

It was back in June 2016 when my family planned a trip to Leh. It was my first visit to this territory.

My experiences in Ladakh are beautiful if anything. It was a fascinating realisation to know that such an expansive charmer lay hidden in the bounds of the war-ridden…

About 5,000 years back, there came about a remarkable innovation created from simple green heart-shaped leaves which imbibed itself so strongly in the Indian culture and life that its presence in even the 21st century remains as steadfast as ever. …

Vanshika Lohia

A reader turned writer turned traveller…

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